Where Would Your Rather Live

for OR Magazine

Role: Sole videographer and editor 


Details: A short-from documentary, introducing Bruce Campbell, a retired engineer who built and lives in a converted Boeing 747 airplane, for the 2019 Disruptor Issue of OR Magazine: a student-run digital publication produced in 10 weeks. 


Goal: To use an engaging character to showcase that creative alternative housing options can be environmentally sustainable when compared to brick and mortar houses. 

Recognition: Won a Second-place Columbia Scholastic Press Association Golden Circle award for DM40 Video Feature Package.

Restorative Flames: Igniting Oregon's Forests

for OR Magazine 

Role: Sole videographer and editor


Details: A short-form documentary, covering a prescribed fire training in Ashland, Oregon, for the 2018 Issue of OR Magazine 

Goal: A multi-sensory approach to educate viewers that fire is a natural part of the ecosystems and how and the positives of using prescribed fire to reintroduce it to the landscape

Recognition: Won a regional SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) Mark of Excellence award for online/digital videography and was awarded the first runner up nationally. 

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