Images for Flux Magazine Covid Section

Role: Photographer

Details: Captured Image for the COVID-19 section of the Uncertainty Issue of Flux Magazine, University of Oregon's Flagship Magazine.


Top Image: "Sunny Kim and her husband Hong Yung Kim visited the Antelope Valley Reserve in Los Angeles County on April despite the statewide stay-at-home order. Two days later, state officials put roadblocks in place to deter further visitors."


Bottom Image: "The Fourth Street Bridge in downtown Los Angeles sits empty during rush hour on April 5, 2020."


Goals: Top Image: Use the image to highlight the presence of masks in contrast to a picturesque California landscape.

Bottom Image: Use the absence of life in the photo to highlight the contrast to regular traffic in Los Angeles during COVID-19.

​Recognition: The Flux Uncertainty Issue has won 14 Marks from Columbia Scholastic Press and has been announced as a finalist for the CSPA Crown.

Images for Restless Collective

Role: Photographer


Details: Captured Images for the Restless Collective, a creative publication with the goal to celebrate restless women.


Goals: Image on Left: Use the familiar family portrait on the beach model to show what a family day looks like during COVID-19.


Image on Right: Use the iconic Roosevelt Hotel's marque to show how COVID-19 Public Service Announcements have become a natural part of daily life.

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